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I have always loved music, My family had played music almost every day from classical, to pop, and the traditional Turkish music of our heritage. We listened to Elvis, The Beatles, and eventually as music evolved so did our tastes. My brothers were into the heavier rock, and it was a great time to be alive, we were brought up in the 70’s, 80’s, and on… my uncle was a guitarist, and turned my brother on to becoming a musician. In my adolescents, my brother gave me his old record player… and from the moment I put the first record on I felt something come alive in me.It was in that moment I knew I wanted to be a musician.

  I joined choirs and learned to play guitar, I attended College and chose music education for two years. my parents were not too happy about my love of music and performance as a possible choice for what I wanted to do with my life. It wasn’t practical, it wasn’t even a good way to make a good living, musicians were basically hippies and bums back then. So in a mixed desire to please my parents but hold on to what I loved, I tried to do both. I met Ken my husband today who became my guitarist, and for a few years while I attended College, we created a band together. An original metal band called Dezire. On the tail of my parents divorcing and feeling a need to escape, we took off to Phoenix. And for many years we wrote music and performed and had a promising band. But then life happened. Surrounded by addiction, financial strain, and lack luster prospects, I began to shut down the music. I began questioning life, there were some very tough times even facing death that made me turn to holistic wellness to help me through it. I found an incredible world where body, mind, and spirit became the tools to find my way back to meaning and health. For 25 years I worked in the field of Supplements. I worked as a dept manager for a natural grocer and learned everything I could about health. I studied at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts as well, and became very adept at energy medicine and bodywork. On the weekends I ran my own business that was an eclectic blend of natural wellness and conscious living.Ten years into my career, I felt something was missing. My husband was still playing in bands and I watched on only joining in every so often. It came to the point that I simply became a fan.

  I remember clearly being with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. She never lost touch with music and could easily name all the popular bands, songs, musicians, I felt lost and sad. We went to the Musical Instrument Museum and walked into a beautiful auditorium that could reverberate the most amazing melody. I wanted to sing… but nothing came out….I was mortified.

   For weeks afterwards that moment haunted me. I tried singing in the car in the bathroom still nothing. The song inside me would not come out. Then one day after going out to eat and I remember clearly it was St Patricks Day, I had way too much to drink, but we stopped at where my husband had his shop and practiced with his bands. He put on a cassette of our first original band, and I listened to our music. I cried a little. But then as it continued to play, my inhibition was non existent and I began singing along with the music. The mic was already set up, and the only thing left to do was turn on the PA…..

    I began singing more and more and one day I found a site called reverbnation. I decided that if anything, I did not want our music to die with me. So I uploaded our songs and thus became our first EP called Chrome. It was a big success and got us many fans! A few EPs later, and Ten years of actively pursuing music and performing, I went from eating meat to becoming vegan, and I finally quit drinking . I left my job at the natural grocer on the aftermath of COVID, and decided to become a full time musician. While attending Berklee online, I decided that I could help coach people on ways that their wellness impacted their ability to pursue music and art as a career. So I studied Health and Nutrition as well as Life Coaching.

   The program is called Living The Healthy “Rockstar” lifestyle and implements a holistic approach  through products, tools, coaching services and more, to help you achieve an active, creative, healthy,  and personally fulfilling life. It includes plant based nutrition and fitness for the body, transforming limiting beliefs into a growth mindset, having the-courage and confidence to be oneself, and replacing unhealthy habits with positive daily practices and rituals to achieve your goals, and finally harnessing the powerful tools used in Energywork, focusing on the spirit or vibrational body, through sound healing, crystals, herbs, aromatherapy, meditation, and more.  I truly believe that at any time even later in one’s years, it’s never too late to be the Rockstar of your own life. METAL WELL

     Tulin MG - Holistic Wellness Coach, session vocalist, owner of Metal Goddess Studios and cofounder/singer for Empire of Dezire.

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