Living The Healthy "Rockstar" Lifestyle 6 week programs

Achieve your best "rockstar" self through Creative Holistic Wellness Coaching, Courses, and Education: ::You will find guidance and help with overcoming burnout, fatigue, challenges with your health and wellness, and remove roadblocks to a long as well as qualitative and creative life.

BODY -A Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle, focusing on the health benefits of removing or reducing animal sources of food from your plate. Creating life long habits through nutrition and conscious choices. No matter where you are at with your meals, you can learn to increase fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and other nutrient and antioxidant rich sources while reducing your intake of fat, sugar, and processed foods, in a short time you will overcome challenges with your current health, and increase the quality and quantity of your life, promoting cardiovascular health, blood sugar balance, increasing strength and vitality, as well as hormonal balance. Meal planning and tips on increasing physical activity is included Learn More/ Purchase program Now

MIND - Growth mindset learning to turn your limiting beliefs around and shifting towards positivity and feeling well, Rewriting and rewiring your brain and changing bad habits into good ones, and setting achievable goals Overcoming exaggerated thinking and developing your authentic self for success. Delving into powerful mind-body connections and tappiing into your innate ability to heal and manifest.a 21 day mindfullness challenge is included Learn More/ Purchase program Now


ENERGY -balancing all energy systems of the body and creating optimal flow through your auric field in tandem with the frequencies and vibrations of the world around you. Increasing relaxation, vitality, and longevity with the tools of energy work such as chakra therapy, asian energetic bodywork, sound healing, crystal healing, homeopathy and flower essences, 5 element aromatherapy, and other techniques that creat harmony in the energetic body. Create daily practices and rituals that are discovered and custom designed just for you. Learn about body mind principles as well as expanding and connecting to the quantum field.

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